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  • featured work:

    When Save the Blue contacted us to become involved with their initiative to help protect and preserve the marine life in the coastal waters of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, we were thrilled to have such an opportunity. With such a grand and noble cause, we needed marketing materials that would grab people's attention and bring them into a greater awareness of the ecosystems that the cause was determined to protect.

    We thought the best way to achieve this would be through an interactive, animated website, utilizing a "living" background that features animations of specimens of these endangered ecosystems.

    On a technical note, not only is this website a beauty, it's highly functional and works on all major web browsers, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Blackberry devices!

    Please take a minute and visit and experience it for yourself!

  • featured work: event signage and promotional items

    Whether it's a trade show, gala, cook-off, sporting event, open house, or any other sort of event, it's important that you present a strong brand and a consistent message.

    A carefully constructed balance must exist, such that colors and elements are reused (also cutting expense) to elicit the comfort of familiarity and strengthening of the brand, without succumbing to the boredom of monotony.

    At a recent event for Save the Blue, we made sure that our promotional items were eye-catching but also environmentally friendly. Some of the signage and promotional items from that event appear here at right.

  • featured work: discussion panel (intro video and graphics)

    If there's a rule somewhere that says discussion panels and speaker presentations have to be boring, we didn't get the memo.

    When needing to discuss important legal and compliance issues in a panel group in front of a live audience of legal professionals and IT department heads, our client came to us asking us to please help them to make it not seem like such an overly technical and dry topic. We came up with an energized video to introduce the panelists and the topic (featuring caricatures of the panelists), and continued the theme into the presentation graphics, setting the tone and topic as something fun and exciting. This put the panelists, as well as the audience, into a fun mood and made for a memorable experience - this was one panelist discussion that the trade show participants would go home talking about!

  • featured work: empowering the community

    ETC 2010 and 2011 website screenshots

    Empowering the Community is an annual charity golf tournament, cook-off, and silent auction hosted by Black Elk Energy, benefitting multiple charities, including LACAP.

    Our approach to this project, as with most of our projects, is to create intriguing materials that will capture a person's eye and keep their attention. By creating an attractive, interactive, and engaging website, website visitors are more likely to share the website with their friends, or to even have someone walking past catch a glimpse of the website on their computer screen and ask, "What's that?"

    We have had the terrific pleasure of developing the marketing theme, along with the website, print collateral, and event signage for the past two years, and we're eager to get started on things for next year!

  • featured work: 2D/3D logos and illustrations

    2D/3D logos and illustrations

    We greatly enjoy creating rich and engaging logos and illustrations for clients, and we're happy to see that many of our clients are embracing the power and potential of 3D computer generated (CG) illustrations and animations.

    We're working on getting our video library online to better show off our 3D illustrations and animations. Until then, here are a few static versions of some 3D logos and illustrations from a recent project.